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Chromebook Guide

(Additional Chromebook Support)
Future Ready Technology Handbook

I. Student Handbook

The Student Handbook outlines the rules, policies, and expectations for students in the Herricks School District. It includes information on academic standards, behavioral expectations, disciplinary procedures, attendance policies, and student rights and responsibilities.

II. Herricks Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The AUP defines the guidelines for acceptable use of the district's technology resources. It covers appropriate behavior online, prohibited activities, consequences of policy violations, and the responsibilities of students and staff in maintaining a safe and respectful digital environment.

III. About

This section provides an overview of the district’s technology initiatives and goals. It may include information about the district’s commitment to integrating technology into the curriculum to enhance learning and prepare students for a digital world.

IV. Software

  • District-approved software: List of software applications approved by the district for educational use.
  • Extensions/Add-ons: Guidelines on the use of browser extensions and add-ons, including which are approved and how to install them.
  • Signing in with Google: Instructions on how to use Google accounts to access district resources.
  • Checking for updates: Steps to ensure software and devices are updated to the latest versions.

V. Built-in software

  • Apps in a folder: Organization of pre-installed apps for easy access.
  • Taking a photo or video: Instructions on using built-in camera features for educational purposes.
  • Accessibility features: Information on tools and settings to assist students with disabilities.

VI. File management

Guidelines on managing digital files, including organizing, storing, and sharing documents and media.

VII. Find and open your files

  • Saving a file: Methods for saving and retrieving files on district devices, including cloud storage options.

VIII. Hardware

Details on the district-provided hardware, including specifications, usage guidelines, and maintenance tips.

IX. Touchpad features

Instructions and tips for using touchpad gestures and features to navigate devices efficiently.

X. Keyboard basics and shortcuts

A list of essential keyboard shortcuts to enhance productivity and ease of use for students and staff.

XI. Miscellaneous/Troubleshooting

  • Screen mirroring: Steps to mirror the Chromebook screen to other devices.
  • Resetting a Chromebook: Instructions for performing a factory reset to resolve major issues.
  • Clearing the cache: Guide to clearing browser cache to improve performance.
  • Camera on a Google Meet: Tips for troubleshooting camera issues during Google Meet sessions.

XII. Chromebook care

  • General precautions: Best practices for taking care of Chromebooks, including handling, cleaning, and storage to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the devices.