NOVEMBER Sear Reads: Four Feet, Two Sandals

by Karen Lynn Williams & Khadra Mohammed Year Published: 2007

This month’s SearRead is Four Feet, Two Sandals by Karen Williams. This book supports the Sustainable Development Goal of No Poverty. 736 million people still live in poverty and this SDG goal is helping us become aware of the severity of this problem (United Nations, 2019). Click here to see how this goal is being targeted and how you can help!

Four Feet, Two Sandals tells the story of two girls, Lina and Feroza, and their families, who are living in a refugee camp in Pakistan, having fled the war in Afghanistan. The girls become friends when each finds one sandal from a matching pair. They decide to share the sandals, taking turns wearing them. The story describes the girls' lives in the camp, with long lines for water and the stressful wait for new homes. Eventually, Lina's family receives permission to emigrate to the United States, and Feroza gives the sandals to Lina, saying, "You cannot go barefoot to America." As she is leaving, Lina gives the shoes back to Feroza, as Lina's mother has saved money to buy her shoes. Feroza then gives Lina one sandal to keep, noting that "it is good to remember." (