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Herricks schools have a strong start!

Herricks Public Schools students and staff members kicked off an exciting 2019-20 school year on Sept. 3, when hallways and classrooms were filled with those eager to learn.

As a result of summer projects included in the budget, the bond and legislative grants, many improvements were made to facilities districtwide. 

Parking lots were resurfaced at Center Street and Searingtown Schools, and the Shelter Rock Academy. New lockers were installed at the middle and high schools. High school students will soon be able to enjoy their newly completed courtyard, and some science classes were the first to make use of a brand new lab. The coming weeks will bring final touches to the new Denton Avenue School library as well.

Throughout the district, flexible seating options have been enhanced with new furniture. The first day of school brought introductions to items including floor desks, standing desks, stability ball chairs, stools, bean bag seats, benches and other similar features that students will use based on their lessons, learning styles and preferences.

Additional security guards are being employed and security enhancements are being made to the main entrances in all schools. Herricks schools are also continuing their emphasis on social-emotional learning and programs that promote mindfulness at all levels to equip students with self-management, social awareness and stress-reduction skills.  

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Photos Courtesy of Herricks Public Schools