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Global Gift For HMS

Herricks MS students who spearheaded a fundraiser in support of Central American artisans last year recently received an unexpected thank you gift that helped them understand the significance of their donation.

The students in Ms. Kirschner’s Spanish Language Immersion classes partnered with the non-profit Pulsera Project and raised over $2,000 selling colorful, handwoven bracelets and bags. The bracelets, called pulseras in Spanish, and bags were handmade by Guatemalan and Nicaraguan artisans. The money raised through the fundraiser is reinvested in Central American communities to help raise awareness of native art and social justice issues.

As a thank you for the efforts and generous donation, the school received a package containing a pair of handmade maracas, along with a photo of the Nicaraguan artisan women who carved the intricate designs and hand-painted them.

The colorful and meaningful maracas are proudly displayed at the school as a reminder of the global impact that students can have and as an inspiration of what can be achieved when we work together as a community to help others.

Picture of Students

Picture of Student

Picture of Student and Parent