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Content Creation in Action

Students in Mr. Heit’s Content Creation elective at Herricks Middle School are working towards the creation of their first podcast episodes. Each group or individual “host” have been working on developing their ideas into original intellectual creations and creating blueprints that will serve as a structure for their unique podcast shows.

They started their journey by focusing on working on the “Three Cua/Qua’s of Podcasting”: Content, Quality, and Chemistry. The students are learning how to engage with their co-hosts as well as their audience for good chemistry, how to source and research information to support their topic and practicing microphone technique and vocal exercises. By focusing on each of these areas, students are learning how to develop compelling and cohesive podcasts. 

Mr. Heit has created a safe space for students to take positive creative risks. It is common to see students share ideas outside of their groups and develop creative solutions that they didn’t know they were capable of. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes for students even up to this point. They have proven themselves to take on the challenges ahead and create podcasts for the world to hear.