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Herricks Chosen as "Best Delegation"

On Saturday, March 7th, forty-two members from the Herricks World Affairs club competed in one-day debate competition at Hewlett High School. The Herricks delegation competed against seven other local high schools on a wide array of topics from environmental concerns to foreign affairs. Whether they were speaking in the auditorium in front of hundreds of their peers, or challenging delegates from other schools in the smaller, more focused committee rooms, the talent of the Herricks delegation was on full display. 

At the end of the event, Herricks was chosen as the "Best Delegation," designating Herricks as the overall winners. This victory was made possible by the planning and preparation of the club's executive board led by Shivani Shah (Delegate Chair), Harsh Soni (General Chair), Atifah Osmani (Assistant General Chair), Jonah Samuel (Delegate Chair), Yousuf Kidwai (Agenda Chair), and Rahul Singhal (Finance Chair). With this, the teamwork and enthusiasm of the entire Herricks delegation clearly made them worthy of the title "Best."


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