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Fabulous French Scores

Fabulous French Scores

Many Herricks High School students participated in the American Association of Teachers of French’s National French Contest in March under the guidance of teacher Kari Schiano. They were among more than 70,000 students around the country that took on this rigorous challenge of listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar.

This year, once again, there are many French students at Herricks High School who have won awards for their scores. Congratulations to the following students, who were invited to the AATF-Nassau awards ceremony at Hofstra University on May 23.


Gold Medalists Top 5% of students
Eric Ponieman, Level 3, 3rd place Nassau, 4th place National
Samantha Huang, Level 2, 5th place Nassau & National


Silver Medalists Top 15% of students
Christina Kim, Level 5, 3rd place Nassau
Kristen Aloysius, Level 4, 7th place Nassau
Swara Patel, Level 4, 7th place Nassau
Vandana Menser, Level 4, 8th place Nassau
Sahaana Kesavan, Level 3, 8th place Nassau, 9th place National
Anas Maklad, Level 3, 8th place Nassau, 9th place National
Yesibella Espinoza, Level 3, 10th place Nassau
Chloe Chang, Level 2, 7th place Nassau & National
Lamiya Rangwala, Level 2, 7th place Nassau & National
Amisha Brahmbhatt, Level 2, 9th place Nassau & National


Bronze Medalists Top 25% of students
Derek Chen, Level 4
Joylynne Hoang, Level 4
Daniel Min, Level 4
Mary Tsahas, Level 4
Stephanie Guaman, Level 3
Radha Gupta, Level 3
Emily Ocasio, Level 3
Akshal Shah, Level 3
Kaanan Datt, Level 2, 10th place Nassau & National


French Poetry Winners







Photo Courtesy of Herricks Public Schools