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Herricks Excels on Italian Exam

Herricks Excels on Italian Exam

Students in the Italian program at Herricks High School participated in the annual American Association of Teachers of Italian National Exam. This examination tests their listening/viewing and reading skills. Twenty-two Herricks students were among approximately 5,500 who took the exam.

This year, Marco DeLellis, enrolled in Italian 2, won a two-week educational trip to Italy, including $500 and another $100 for placing at the 99th percentile amongst all students who sat for the Level Two Exam. In addition, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals were awarded to the following students for their excellent performance on the exam. The winners are: 

Gold Medal

9th graders: Level 2:  Marco DeLellis, Olivia Berg, Giuliana Fusco
10th grader:  Level 3: Briana Ranallo
12th graders:  Level 5: Rosemary Hagemann, Grace Kang

Silver Medal
10th graders:  Level 3:  Arfan Rasheed
11th grader:    Level 4:  Christopher Piccirillo

Bronze Medal
9th grader:  Cole Ritchie
10th grader:  Malachy O’Brien
1th grader:  Mamerto Gamboa

The outstanding performance of these Italian learners reflects the hard work and passion of our students and teachers who share their love of languages. It should also be noted that Janet Hsu, a 2018 graduate, won the prestigious EDUITALIA Scholarship with a free two week study at the Club Italiano Dante Alighieri located in Rome. Congratulations to all that participated!