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Twenty-six Herricks HS students earn National Merit Commendations

Twenty-six Herricks HS students earn National Merit Commendations

Herricks High School is proud to congratulate 26 current seniors that have been identified as Commended Students in the National Merit Scholarship Program. This academic competition was initiated in 1955 as a way to provide students with opportunities to receive recognition for their scholastic talents.

Sanjana Ahmed, Christopher Chao, Justin Cheung, Michelle Dong, Julia Feldman, Aaron Kalani, Austin Kim, Joanna Lau, Melissa Lau, Davina Lee, Sunny Liu, Christopher Lo, Felisha Ma, William McCreery, Rushikesh Patel, Jason Podell, Soham Rawal, Ronit Shamtoob, Hita Soni, Andrew Tsai, Michelle Tse, Hanna Yen, Raffaella Zanetti, Austin Zhao, Iris Zheng and Jeff Zuo achieved this distinction based on their 2017 Preliminary SAT scores. They placed among the top 50,000 of more than 1.6 million students who entered the competition by taking the exam, which serves as the National Merit Scholarship qualifying test. Former Herricks High School student Sahil Gupta, moved out of the district over the summer but earned this accomplishment as well, bringing the net total to 27.

In addition to exhibiting academic excellence, these students participate in a range of programs, organizations and activities both in and outside of school.

Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools