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Denton Students Among 12 Posters Selected for the CAPS Bully Prevention School Calendar

Each year, several thousand Long Island 3rd and 4th graders compete in CAPS (Child Abuse Prevention Services) Bully Prevention and Poetry Contest. After participating in the CAPS Bully Prevention program organized by Ms. Mirabile, our school Social Worker, Denton students were invited to submit a poster or write a poem for the CAPS contest. The work of two students in Mrs. Nicole Kaye’s class, Adithya Patnam and Sean Ryu, were among the 12 posters selected for publication in the CAPS Bully Prevention School Calendar. These calendars will be distributed to all elementary schools and libraries on Long Island. These students had the honor of meeting Senator Elaine Phillips who awarded them a Certificate of Merit for their artwork and efforts against bullying. 


*Pictured from left to right: Mrs. Haley-Denton Avenue Principal, Senator Elaine Phillips, Sean Ryu, Adithya Patnam, Ms. Fagin- CAPS representative, Mrs. Kaye-4th grade teacher, Ms. Mirabile-Herricks Elementary School Social Worker