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Budding Young Composer at Herricks High School

Budding Young Composer at Herricks High School

At a Herricks High School concert held on May 22 in the auditorium, the Concert Orchestra presented the world premiere of "Legacy." This piece was written for string orchestra by Michael Pacciullo, a sophomore and talented trombone player in the Wind Ensemble. The music department was very proud to feature him as a "composer-in-residence" for this concert series.

High School Orchestra Director Catherine Fish, a strong advocate of new music, emphasized how unusual it is to find a student who is already composing at such a high level. "Michael is such a rare talent,” she said. “When he first showed me his composition, I was blown away by the maturity of his compositional style. I knew right away that one of our orchestras absolutely had to perform his piece live in concert."

The Herricks Public Schools looks forward to hearing more from Michael in the future as he pursues his talent and passion for music.


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