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Denton Avenue School Emphasizes Health and Wellness

Denton Avenue School Emphasizes Health and Wellness

Denton Avenue School celebrated a special Health and Wellness Week from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2. This event put the spotlight on the school’s efforts to work together with the Herricks community to improve the health and wellness of students and their families. Dozens of staff members, parents and PTA members and outside volunteers showed their support for this initiative by leading classes and workshops on exercise, fitness, nutrition, sports safety, first aid and social emotional wellness. 

            The undefeated WBC International Silver Junior Welterweight Champion, Cletus Seldin, from Long Island, volunteered his time and talents to lead a workshop for classes. He demonstrated boxing techniques and exercises for building agility and endurance. Mr. Seldin began his boxing career when he was 22. He shared his personal story about the path that led him to be a boxing champion and told students that early in his boxing career his coach told him, “In this ring you will find the truth.” He explained that in the boxing ring, as in life, a person needs to work hard and persevere to achieve their goals. It was clear in letters of appreciation that students wrote afterwards that his inspirational message resonated with them. One student shared, “Thank you for teaching us about not giving up and pursuing our dreams.”

            Health and Wellness Night is always a popular event at Denton Avenue. On the evening of Jan.  31, more than 200 families participated in a number of health and physical education classes and workshops including Yoga, Cross Fit, Tri-Something New (triatholon), Navigating the Supermarket, Poison Prevention/Safe Kids, Tae Kwon Do, Cheerleading, Zumba, First Aid, Building Positive Self Esteem and Exploring Mindfulness. A number of community organizations also partnered with the school to promote safety and good health. Special thanks goes to Ferreira Foodtown, AAA, Girls on the Run, Northwell Health, Herricks Boy Scouts, Fire Department EMT and the New Hyde Park Little League.

            As part of the Denton’s ongoing commitment to keeping the spotlight on health and wellness, the PTA is sponsoring a Color Run in April. The children, their families and staff members are looking forward to participating in this exciting event.


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