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Denton Celebrates Health and Wellness Week

Denton Avenue School celebrated a special Health and Wellness Week, January 29  – February 2, 2018. This event put the spotlight on our efforts to work together with our community to improve the health and wellness of our students and their families. Dozens of staff members, parents and outside volunteers showed their support for this initiative by leading classes and workshops on exercise, fitness, nutrition, sports safety, first aide and social emotional wellness. The undefeated WBC International Silver Junior Welterweight Champion, Cletus Seldin, from Long Island, volunteered his time and talents to lead a workshop for our students.  He demonstrated boxing techniques and exercises for building agility and endurance. Mr. Seldin, who did not begin boxing until his was 22, spoke to the students about the importance of believing in yourself, demonstrating perseverance and working hard to achieve your goals in life.