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Herricks HS Students Stand Against Hate Crimes

Herricks HS Students Stand Against Hate Crimes


Herricks High School’s Man’s Inhumanity to Man class, a semesterlong social studies Participation in Government elective, is raising awareness and sensitivity to a critical issue, hate crimes, that the world continues to encounter. The group of seniors felt it was important to inform their peers about this problem to help cultivate a widespread population of people who will strive to prevent it.

Under the guidance of teacher Pascale Gabriel, students first brainstormed subject matter and shared a range of ideas. Through research, they were surprised to learn that hate crimes occur on a local level as well as around the world. They drew upon historic cases as well as recent ones to honor victims, illustrate the ways that hate crimes have evolved in society and underscore the challenges that still exist.

Class members unveiled an interactive museum exhibit that is showcased in the Library Media Center. They created posters that illustrate statistics and assembled various stations that cover different aspects of the theme. Students shared impactful facts about hate crimes specifically related to race, disabilities, religion and the LGBTQ community.

Sukhprit Ladhar and Divya Nair developed an iMovie documentary to convey information, while other student pairs and groups highlighted their findings on boards and banners and through pictures and diagrams.

To bring a positive and inspirational component to the project, Carly Stein spotlighted upstanders who work to prevent hate crimes in a display titled “Love is Stronger Than Hate.” She asked her school community to write messages of hope, positivity or love.

“I didn’t want to leave people with a negative message,” Carly said. “I wanted to remind them that there are others trying to fix these problems and help.”

Each semester, the Man’s Inhumanity to Man class selects an issue to explore as an overall theme with the goal of broadening knowledge among the greater school community. Last year, students focused on Culture of Respect and addressed sexual violence against women. Other past topics have included human trafficking, child soldiers, water scarcity and genocide in Darfur.

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Photos courtesy of Herricks Public Schools