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Searingtown School Chores for Change

Searingtown School Chores for Change
The photos and reports of the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas, as well as the fires in California struck at the hearts of the Searingtown School community. Concerned staff came together to devise a plan to respond. We wanted and needed to do something to help our fellow Americans.
"Chores for Change" was born out of this concern. Students talked with their parents about the great need due to these natural disasters. The idea was simple. Can we do chores around the house for change that we, in turn, will donate to the Hurricane/Fire Relief Fund at Searingtown?From October 23rd to November 9th our students went into action. The donations piled up! Our final count came to rest at $3000.14. All of the proceeds were sent to the American Red Cross.
Credit goes to all parts of our school community as teachers, parents, and students pulled together to talk about our ties to these events and our desire to be part of the solution.
Chores for Change