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United for Kindness

Denton Avenue Unites for Kindness


Denton Avenue School’s students, teachers and staff are sharing the message of support, hope, and unity to show that they stand together against bullying.

Art teacher Maria Monda organized and inspired students her classes to create kindness rocks. Using the Principal Book of the Month, Only One You by Linda Kranz, students designed beautiful rocks adorned with written quotes and positive messages.

Denton Avenue celebrated with a unity event on the blacktop outside and took a moment for mindful reflection, presented their rocks and sang together. Individuals across the nation, and even world-wide, participated in Unity Day, October 25, 2017.

As a follow up to this event, Denton students will place their rocks as a permanent gallery in the garden courtyard to continue share their positive messages of compassion, acceptance, and respect.

United for Kindness  United for Kindness


   United for Kindness   

United for Kindness