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Herricks High School teacher a ‘teaching champion’

Herricks High School Teacher a ‘teaching champion’


The Herricks Public School District is proud to announce that Herricks High School teacher Doug Kramer is the recipient of the 2017 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Teaching Champion Award presented by the Council for Economic Education.  Kramer will be honored at the Council’s 2017 Visionary Awards Ceremony held at The Plaza Hotel in New York City on October 25, alongside a professor of economics from Harvard University, the CEO of PayPal and other prestigious award recipients.

            As a Teaching Champion, Kramer will receive a monetary award while an additional $2,500 will be awarded to Herricks High School to support economics and finance education. Kramer will also receive a scholarship to attend the Council’s 56th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference on October 6-7 at the New York Marriot in Brooklyn. The conference provides access to more than 100 workshops that cover strategies for educators to integrate personal finance and economics into their classes while also providing networking opportunities for teachers to share techniques on K-12 economic and financial literacy instruction.  

            In a letter sent to Herricks High School Principal Dr. James Ruck, the Council for Economic Education called Kramer “an extraordinarily dedicated educator” and noted that the award committee was particularly impressed with his dedication to the diversity of his students and his efforts to expand his own skills through his participation in various conferences.

“Mr. Kramer is an outstanding educator who continues to find ways to make finance enjoyable and rewarding for his students,” said Herricks Superintendent of Schools Dr. Fino Celano. “When teachers extend their own learning for the benefit of their students it enhances the learning experience for all. The recognition also serves as a source of pride for the high school and all of the students who Mr. Kramer has worked with through the years. On behalf of the central administration and Board of Education, I congratulate him on this very special honor.”

            This spring, Kramer and Herricks High School teacher Melissa Jacobs led a team of students to 5th place in the Euro Challenge semifinal round, held at The Federal Reserve Bank in New York City. Three students from the Herricks team were among only a handful from Long Island to advance as finalists in the tournament’s history.

            Named after industrialist and former General Motors CEO Alfred Pritchard, Sloan, Jr., the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is a not-for-profit institution that funds research and education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and economics.