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Herricks Makes History with Euro Challenge Results

A team of Herricks High School students was awarded 5th place in the Euro Challenge semifinal round, held on April 26 at The Federal Reserve Bank in NYC. Sophomores Felisha Ma, Rushikesh Patel, Michelle Dong and Melissa Lau along with freshmen Carrie Hsu and Derrick Chen were chosen as finalists, a title that only one other Long Island team has earned in the contest’s history.

The Herricks group reached the semifinalist level after achieving success in the preliminary round in March, and was among the top 25 teams out of 100 from 14 different states. Now, as a result of their excellent presentations before members of the European Union Delegation and leading members of the financial sector, they hold a finalist trophy.

The students were commended by European Union Ambassador David O’Sullivan and will receive a cash prize. Teachers Melissa Jacobs and Douglas Kramer, who helped the students prepare, were proud of the hard work and dedication that went into this event.

The Euro Challenge tests students’ knowledge and understanding of the European economy and the euro by asking them to describe the current economic situation in the euro area. Contenders are required to select one specific challenge and illustrate it with examples from one country, then recommend a policy or policies for addressing the issue identified in that area.


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