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Herricks Middle School Introduces Sixth-Grade Science Fair

Herricks Middle School introduces sixth-grade science fair


On March 22, approximately 40 scientific explorations and discoveries were showcased at Herricks Middle School’s inaugural sixth-grade science fair. Students utilized the Google Classrooms platform to submit and organize their ideas, which was followed by the completion of their research and experiments.

The science fair included a variety of student populations and involved a presentation component. Prior to the evening event, which was open to parents and other guests, students met with panels of educators who served as judges in the building’s library. They described the inspirations behind their topics, their hypotheses, observations, experimentation processes and findings.

Students selected topics based on their own interests, and as a result, a broad range of studies were shared. Categories ranged from biology to chemistry, from environmental science to physics. Students investigated plant growth, bacteria, medical conditions, chemical substances, the planets, space travel, colors, energy sources, light reflection, radio waves, electricity and much more.

“I was happy with my results and I had fun doing this,” said Ankita Jha, who researched, “Does the Material Affect Conduction of Radio Waves?”

Ryan Samuel explored whether Tumeric is a good preservative. “I knew it had antibacterial and antifungal effects,” he said.

Brian Kim and Rushil Saini collaborated on a comparison of solar power vs. batteries. “We chose this because we heard a lot of debates between batteries and solar power, and wanted to see which would be better overall,” said Rushil.

Ayesha Patel researched “The Best Cookie.” “I like to bake and cook, and saw that there was a category for baking,” she said.

The top three projects in each category were presented with awards, and John Jochym was named overall winner for his project, “The Porosity and Permeability of Different Sediments.”


Congratulations to the other winners, listed as follows:



1st place - Joseph Collura
2nd place - Ryan Samuel
3rd place - Tanush Soni


1st place - Kevin Jacob & Ashish Jalwan
2nd place - Hailey Ko
3rd place - Michael Zanetti

Earth/Space Science

1st place - John Jochym
2nd place - Raj Patel
3rd place - Ricardo Wright 

Environmental Science

1st - Gavin Lee
2nd - Sasha Bhatia
3rd - Daniel An


1st - Thomas Zaid
2nd - Jacob Abraham
3rd - Jarod Chan

6th Grade Science Fair