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Denton Avenue Celebrates Cultures and Heritage

Denton Avenue Elementary School enjoyed an extraordinary school-wide celebration during Heritage Week. Throughout the week, children had the opportunity to explore and learn about the many cultures represented in the Herricks community, and the shared American experience. The school launched its Heritage Week celebration with a memorable assembly program,entitled Music of the Earth. Thisprogram brought world cultures to life through the exotic sounds of instruments from around the globe, including Native American giant drums, crystal singing bowls, Australian didgeridoos, Chinese gongs, and Scottish bagpipes.


During Heritage Week, the Denton community comes together to provide students with creative interactive workshops and exhibits that foster appreciation for the art, culture and traditions of each other’s heritage. Following the steps of volunteer instructors dressed in traditional clothing, children enjoyed learning dances that originated in Spain, India, Persia, Latin America, and the United States. They also had the opportunity to learn about the games and sports of many different cultures, including Tae Kwon Do, Yoga, Jegichagi, and Khabbadi.


Members of the Herricks High School Chinese Yo-yo Club dazzled the younger children with an exciting performance, spinning the large yo-yos high into the air, catching, and flipping them. The club members guided groups of students in trying their hand at this traditional Chinese toy. Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to learn about, and try their hand at, different types of art, including Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, traditional henna designs, Purim craft project, Polish folk art, Rangoli artwork, and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Parents and community members created spectacular exhibits, displaying authentic artifacts from their heritage. These impressive exhibits transformed the school and brought to life the cultures from across the globe.


Denton proudly welcomed visitors Assembly Member Tony D’Urso, State Senator Elaine Philips, and Nassau Legislator Ellen Birnbaum. The officials attended a number of workshops and took time to view the beautiful displays of student artwork celebrating their own unique heritage. It was evident in their conversations that Denton students appreciate the benefits of belonging to such a diverse community.


The week and experience would not have been possible without the leadership and commitment of Beth Rosenman, Assistant Principal, Mrs. McLaughlin, PTA V.P. of Programming, and Mrs. Maklad, PTA Heritage Chair. Special thanks goes to the PTA for providing the Music of the Earth program as a launch to Heritage Week.


Denton Avenue Celebrates Cultures and Heritage     Denton Avenue Celebrates Cultures and Heritage    

Denton Avenue Celebrates Cultures and Heritage     Denton Avenue Celebrates Cultures and Heritage