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    The Class of 2025 is holding an Ice Cream Fundraiser on Monday Oct. 2nd after school. Stop by for a cold sweet treat and a variety of toppings! See you there!

    Representatives from the following Universities will be visiting Herricks High School during the following dates and times:
    October 2 - Period 7 - Vanderbilt University in the basement auditorium.
    October 11 - Period 1 - Boston University in the HS Auditorium.
    October 5 - Period 5  - University of Michigan in the HS Auditorium.
    As always, students must get prior approval from their teachers if this is during scheduled class time.  More information regarding college visits is available in the Counseling Center, as well as the Counseling website. Thank you. 

    Hello Seniors! Are you interested in scholarship money for college? If you are, please visit the Counseling Center website and read your emails for the link to our scholarship page.  You can also find more information about scholarships by visiting the Counseling Center. Thank you!


    May 2023 Students of the Month!

    Betsy Ye – Art
    Prisha Agarwal – Business
    Hilary Cheng – English
    Nikhil Aggarwal – Family & Consumer Science
    Patrick Jung – Health
    Gabriel Oh – Mathematics
    Jordan Abraham – Music
    Eleni Gavaris – Physical Education
    Deena Dallas – Science
    Heemali Patel - Science
    Arianna Galluscio – Social Studies
    Ryan Musi – Technology
    Michael Zanetti - World Language
    Chenqing Shi- World Language 
    Congratulations to all of you...great job, everyone!

    Our Herricks Peer Partner Student Mentors for this school year want to introduce themselves and give you the opportunity to get to know them!  These are students of all grades that are here in the high school with you, who have been formally trained by Mentor NY, who may be able to relate to what you're going through and support you through it!

    If you are interested in working 1:1 with a Peer Partner, please visit Ms. Sheets in the Counseling and Wellness Center or email her directly at tsheets@herricks.org
    Herricks High School Club Information!

    Hello Herricks! We're happy to announce our 2023-2024 Virtual Club Fair! The link below offers a comprehensive guide to what clubs are offered at Herricks, where and when they meet, and a little bit about what each club entails. All students are welcome at clubs, and we suggest you try some different clubs before you become a regular attendee at a few you really like.
    Remember, it's not about how many clubs you join, it's about being active, productive and having fun in the clubs you are a member of.  Enjoy!

    High School Clubs Slideshow

    Club / Team Guidelines - Important Info!!!


    Working Papers Application
    (click above)

    Please enter Name, Age, Address & Parent Signature in Part I

    Enter Date of Birth in Part II

    Go to School Nurse for Physical Exam date in
    Part III 
    (If the school nurse is unavailable, the Main Office can look up current physical exam date on file)

    (the School District must have a physical exam certificate for the applicant on file dated within
    12 months of the date of the submission of the working papers application...if you have a more recent physical exam certificate, please bring it with your application)

    Once Parts I, II & III are completed, please return to the Main Office of the High School.  The student applicant must sign the working card in the presence of the issuing agent.  As long as a parent has already signed the application form, the parent does not need to be present at the time it is submitted at the Main Office.

    Hello Seniors!  There are many scholarships available to you!  Please check the Counselling Center website and here, as well as Naviance, often, for important scholarship information!


    The Library Media Center (LMC) has some exciting news!  

    Overdrive eBooks and audiobooks are now available!  See the library website for more details about downloading the Sora App and using Overdrive to read your next book!
    spring stream

    Attention Juniors!

    Please be sure to check out the Herricks Counseling Center's College Corner site for college virtual visit information, tips and other important topics: 

     College Corner


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