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Personal Best Award Honorees

Each year the guidance department aims to honor students in the 9th grade with outstanding character.

The Personal Best Award is designed to recognize those freshmen who have made a successful transition to Herricks High School, and while doing so, have put their best foot forward. The students being honored this morning were nominated by their classroom teachers based on CHARACTER ONLY. And, by that, we mean, students who are respectful, polite, responsible, eager to participate, highly motivated, have an overall positive attitude, a pleasure to have in their class, help those around them, and are a role model for their peers.

The Personal Best award is not based on academic achievements, athletic talents, or music accomplishments.  And though good grades and extra achievements may apply to many of the students here in this room today, the Personal Best Award is based solely on character. 

The Guidance Department asks classroom teachers to nominate one student in class that they felt has given it their “Personal Best” this year.

ONLY THIRTY 9th graders are awarded the Personal Best Award – and in a grade of over 370 students that means you are looking at less than 10% of the freshmen - making these kids in this list extremely special!

The district is proud to congratulate the following students who were honored with the 2024 Personal Best Award:

Rebekah Abraham

Sami Ahmed

Soraya Baptiste

Raisah Basith

Aarini Chakraborty

Aiden Cherian

Miles Cohen

Jadyn Donati

Naman Gupta

James Haddock

Jacob Johnson

Kalliope Kaloutzis

Jessica Lee

Gabriella Mathew

Noah J Mathews

Rita Meng

John Nell

Sophia Normatov

Alyssa Parikh

Rayan Qureshi

Zain Quraishi

Ethan Ramolia

Sreya Sanyal

Norah Sedgh

Ellie Stanza

Kunga Takchuk

Jared Taveras

Marcus Tran

Preston Wu

Clement Zheng

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