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About Herricks Public Schools

HHS Guest Readers

Herricks High School Guest Reader

Herricks High School students travel to Denton Avenue to read to elementary students.

Located in Nassau County, Herricks stands as a beacon of educational excellence.Established in 1813, Herricks holds the distinction of being one of the earliest school districts in New York, and a steadfast belief in providing high-quality education. Herricks is comprised of five schools, three elementary schools (K-5), Herricks Middle School (6-8), and Herricks High School (9-12). Today's Herricks families, reflect diverse backgrounds and personal histories, forming a rich tapestry of cultural diversity. With sixty-nine different languages spoken in our students' homes, our district celebrates this extraordinary variety, enriching our school community, educational environment, and extracurricular programs.

Unified by a shared commitment to their children's education, Herricks families prioritize academic excellence and preparation for higher education.  As we continue to uphold rigorous academic standards, Herricks remains dedicated to fostering a dynamic, multicultural student body characterized by competitiveness and excellence.