GEMINI Entrance Criteria

  • The criteria used for admission to the GEMINI program will be considered and evaluated in a comprehensive matrix, by the district Gemini committee, which will include the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, the building principals, and the district Gemini teachers.


    The multiple criteria include:
    o NWEA Reading Assessment
    o NWEA Mathematics Assessment
    o Inview Test of Cognitive Skills, (verbal and non-verbal portions) Children achieving the 90th percentile or above on both the NWEA Reading and Mathematics assessments, will be eligible for the InView cognitive screening.
    o Renzulli Rating Scales completed by a student’s current and previous teachers, which includes a review of a student’s performance in areas of leadership, creativity, motivation, and learning.

    The selection process takes place after standardized tests have been taken and all data is reviewed. Students are selected in grade 3, and begin their participation in September of 4th grade.


    New entrants to the Herricks School District are screened after a three-month transition period for possible inclusion in the Gemini program.


    Children who do not initially meet the above criteria will be put on a "wait and watch" list and data will be reviewed the following year in order to be responsive to each child’s individual needs.