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Herricks' Nurses

  • Welcome to the School Nurse Web Page

    Please reference the information below to determine your school's assigned nurse. To contact your nurse you may call your school directly or click on the blue link to send them an email. Hovering over the nurse's name will display the email address.


    To access district health and medical forms, please follow this link and look for the section "Health School Forms"

    Center Street Diane Lieberman 516-305-8305
    Denton Avenue Anney Johnson 516-305-8405
    Searingtown Kathryn Mirino 516-305-8505
    Middle School - Nurse's Website Dana Lieberman 516-305-8605
    High School Marianne Marsigliano 516-305-8705
    High School Ellen Vespe 516-305-8747
    Shelter Rock Academy Ellen Vespe 516-305-8885