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  • Welcome to Ms Graef's website.

    You are in the right place to find my homework assignments, forms and surveys, and links to research sites relating to the three classes that I am teaching this year:  World History 10 AP Human Geography and MUN. Click on the link to the left that relates to your class.

    This is also the official gateway for the Herricks High School MUN Team and all the skills you need to become an excellent MUN ambassador.

    All three of my classes focus students on issues that face people around the world every day - many of these issues are causing a great deal of suffering right now. There are a lot of organizations that are working to try to end that suffering and I will be adding links to these organization to this website as the year progresses - please fill in the form at the side for any suggested projects or websites.

    I will be updating the site on a regular basis so check it for any new information whenever you get the chance and bear with it as it is still under construction.

    EXTRA HELP is on Mondays from 2:50 - 3:30 in room 608

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