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    Welcome to our online classroom! As we've discussed in class, advancing technology is a regular and essential aspect of modern-day communication--why shouldn't school reflect this reality? Throughout the year, I will be posting class materials, assigned readings, homework, classroom updates, supplemental materials, fun pictures and videos, and much more to our Google Classrooms. As I promise to keep this page updated, you must reciprocate the effort by checking it daily. I strongly recommend downloading the Google Classroom App to your mobile device to receive notifications. Parents, guardians, and/or siblings are welcome to join our classroom to stay connected. The class codes are as follows:


    Period 1     English 107u07dqm

    Period 4     English 12lcb2p2  

    Period 6/7 English 7:  2ah4k0

    Period 10   English 7r8yxkg


    Be sure to follow me on twitter for updates, photos and videos, and classroom fun: @MsFilazzola

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    Let's make this year unforgettable!