• The Herricks Parent Education and Community Awareness Committee (PECA) is comprised of PTA Council, Herricks Youth Council and Herricks School Administrators.  PECA members include parents, school officials, and other concerned residents and leaders in the Herricks School community.

    Our purpose is to help parents as they try to raise their children in the midst of today’s significant challenges. We hope to provide useful information, educational programs and material as well as raise the awareness of the Herricks community about the numerous issues that parents and children face in today’s rapidly-changing society.  

    We will employ a variety of strategies to meet our objectives: listserv communication; interesting and informative workshops; public service announcements as well as an updated website that will give the community access to important resource material to help them address a wide variety of issues. All of this is vital to foster healthy and safe children in a society where new and dangerous trends seem to be popping up all the time.

    PECA is committed to a model where the entire community-at-large participates. That’s why we invite all areas of our Herricks community to get involved.

    Anyone interested in volunteering, donating or needing more information may:

    Anyone interested in volunteering for this committee, or for further information may contact us at HerricksDistrictCouncil@gmail.com, please put PECA in the subject line.