• Gemini Program Description: The Herricks Gemini program is a K-7 gifted enrichment program model designed to enhance the educational experiences of students by fostering 21st- century skills, and responding to their developmental, academic, and social-emotional needs. While the core program is for identified gifted students in grades 4 through 7, the Gemini program extends to all students in grades K-5, through a modified Schoolwide Enrichment Model combining push-in and pull-out instruction. Gemini offers three types of instruction: Type I enrichment for ALL students in grades K-5 through push-in STEM or PLTW lessons; Type II targeted pull-out enrichment clusters on project-based units for identified grade 4 and 5 students; and Type III in-depth enrichment seminars for identified students in grades 6 and 7.

    Gemini Mission Statement: The Herricks Gemini Program enhances the educational experiences of individual students as learners. Our goal is to foster creativity and critical, innovative thinking in the development of self-directed and meaningful citizens in an ever-changing global society. 

    Gemini Program Goals Grades K-7:

    To develop creative problem-solving and divergent thinking skills

    ● To develop social skills of relating to others and coping effectively in social contexts

    ● To develop metacognitive skills that foster independent and self-directed learning

    ● To provide for the mastery of academic skills and content at a pace and depth appropriate to the capacity of each Gemini student.

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