Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Loredana Losso

FRENCH version:

Bonjour à tous vous,

Je m'appelle Loredana Losso et je serai votre professeur de Français.

J'espère qu'on s'amusera beaucoup ensemble en mieux connaissant la langue et la culture françaises.

ITALIAN version:

Buongiorno a tutti,

mi chiamo Loredana Losso e sarò la vostra professoressa di italiano.

Spero che ci divertiremo insieme alla scoperta della lingua e cultura italiane.

Course Description: We will start our trip together to discover the French & Italian language and culture through different daily activities (listening, reading, speaking, writing and cultural comparisons) referring to the 5Cs (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities) and practicing the three Modes of Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational.

Goals: The purpose of this course is acquiring and increasing your knowledge and real-world skills to better appreciate the richness of the French & Italian language and culture according to the NYS FLACS exam.

Materials & Sources:

Please, check my teacher page and/or Google Classroom for details.

You may use a dictionary to look up vocabulary and meanings, but DO NOT USE an ONLINE TRANSLATOR to do assignments.

Needed material just for FRENCH and/or ITALIAN

Supplies - These materials may be shared among a student’s various classes but should be brought to World Language class at each meeting .

The free Word Reference app OR a French and/or Italian-English dictionary

No.1 binder

No. 2 blue or black pens
No. 2 pencils
Highlighters (at least 3 colors)
Colored pens or pencils
A school-safe pair of scissors
Dry erase markers & eraser
Glue stick
Standard sized Post-its (preferably in different colors)


GOOGLE CLASSROOM: General information about the class, Curricula, Calendar, Homework, Summary, AND Links for additional practice. If you have any problems accessing and/or downloading files, please, let me know.


  • FRENCH 6th grade: (code will be available after 8/23/'22)
  • FRENCH 7th grade: 
  • FRENCH 8th grade:


          ITALIAN 6th grade: 

          ITALIAN 7th grade: 

          ITALIAN 8th grade: 


CONTACT INFORMATION: Email:– teacher page: – Loredana Losso

EMAIL: When emailing me, please, include your FULL NAME and PERIOD in the subject line. I check my email regularly throughout the SCHOOL DAY, but may not check it after school hours or during weekends.