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               "Graduation Walk - Clap Out for Seniors"
               Reminder - Re Graduation Rehearsal
               2nd Reminder Re Graduation Rehearsal

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    right arrow The PTSA is working with thecommencementgroup.com and selling flowers and t-shirts for you to purchase for your graduate. You can pre-order these spectacular bouquets and unique commemorative t-shirts for easy pick-up at graduation.

     Commemorative T-shirt with Names of All Graduates
     The Red Graduation Bouquet
     The Pink Graduation Bouquet
     The White Graduation Bouquet
     The Yellow Graduation Bouquet
     One Dozen Roses
     One Half Dozen Roses

    All online orders will be available for pickup on the site the day of graduation. To retrieve your order, please stop by our booth located conveniently at the entrance to the graduation before the ceremony