Degrees and Certifications:

The Elementary Wellness Team

Each elementary school has a wellness team comprised of one school psychologist and one school social worker. Together they work towards providing all students social, emotional, and behavioral support. School social workers and school psychologists work with all students, families, teachers, and staff to support their well-being and growth.  

Wellness Team Contact Information:

Center Street 
Dr. Jean Anne Agoglia, School Psychologist (; 516-305-8310)  
Marisa Pugliese, School Social Worker (; 516-305-8336; website)  

Denton Avenue School
Dr. Stacey Souravlis, School Psychologist (; 516-305-8430; website)  
Jaclyn Mirabile, School Social Worker (; 516-305-8432; website)  

Searingtown School 
Maureen Andres, School Psychologist (; 516-305-8510)  
Kathy Wong, School Social Worker (; 516-305-8513; website)