Healthy Children Learn Best
  • Required NYS Form A [to be completed, signed, and stamped by a medical provider for Kg, 1st, 3rd & 5th grade and new entrants as per NY State Requirement]

    Have your Dr Fax it directly to the school!!!! at  5162483136.

    Please save the originals in case the fax is not clear or missed. [I'm not in office during summer vacation] DO NOT EMAIL HEALTH INFORMATION TO ANY STAFF, FAX DIRECTLY TO HEALTH OFFICE OR SEND IN A SEALED ENVELOPE WITH YOUR CHILD.

    Certificate of Immunization [ requires stamp and signature of medical provider,  Kg,1st,3rd & 5th grade and new entrants ] 

     Dental Form [to be completed, signed & stamped by Dentist for Kg, 1st, 3rd & 5th grade and new entrants]

     Student Health History [to be completed by parent /guardian at the time of admission only]

    Authorization for Medication Administration [ Students are not permitted to carry prescription or over the counter medication in elementary school, all medications must be dropped off with the paper work for the current academic year by an adult]

    Release of Information[if needed only]