Melecio's Marvelous Sixth Grade Site



    Dear Sixth Graders,

    I hope you had a fantastic summer! Starting middle school is a wonderful time in your school career. I look forward to a rewarding and successful experience!

    Listed below are the supplies you will need for sixth grade. There are a few supplies that might not have been added to your original list. Please double check, label each with your first and last name, and bring them to school on the first day. Thank you!

     General 6th Grade Supply List

    ~ Pens
    ~ Pencils
    ~ Colored pens
    ~ Colored pencils
    ~ Highlighters
    ~ Erasers
    ~ Pencil case
    ~ 6th grade homework pocket folder

    Social Studies

    ~ One 1-inch Black hard covered binder with pocket folder with holes to fit in binder
    ~ Three packs of 3-inch post-it notes
    ~ Dividers

    ~ Post-Its

    ~Jumbo Book Sock to cover text book


    ~ One 1-inch Red binder
    ~ One pack of dividers
    ~ Loose leaf paper
    ~ One pocket folder with holes to fit in binder
    ~ One box of tissues.
    ~ One 5-star 5-subject Mead Notebook (Please note: This exact notebook is highly recommended and was not listed on original supply list)

    ~Glue stick and/or scotch tape