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    Dr. Stephanie Knowles

    Contact info:sknowles@herricks.org or (516) 305-8629


    The Special Education Department of Herricks Middle School seeks to meet the needs of students with disabilities within the context of a diverse community of learners.  The philosophy of the department is to meet the individual needs of all learners in an environment that affords students the opportunity to achieve academic and social success.

    Goal # 1: To improve the development of learning skills through remedial instruction

    Goal # 2: To facilitate achievement through the development of compensatory strategies

    The Herricks Middle School's Special Education / Reading Department coordinates the provision of services for students with special needs. Our school offers a full continuum of services for classified students including Consultant Teachers Services, Resource Room Services, Inclusion: Co-teaching Classes, Self-contained Individual Development Classes, and a Life Skills Class for developmentally delayed youngsters. In addition, our department arranges remedial reading services for students who score 1 or 2 on the New York State Education Department's English Language Arts Exam.

    For the 5th into 6th Orientation, please scroll down for the Powerpoint File.




    Michael Baillet

    Amanda Buehler

    Matt Cannata

    Michael Capasso

    Kelly D'Amico

    Sara Desravines

    Heather Evers

    Michael Heit

    Corrinne Henley









    Megan Ledda

    Jacqueline Lipsky

    Lauren Marra

    Melissa Richman

    Moira Sabo

    Vanessa Sanchez 

    Mia Wallace











    Kelly Martino-Beyrouty (OT)

    Kara Faherty (Speech)

    Joy Solomon (Speech)

    Daniel Rosten (Speech)













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