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    Welcome to the Counseling and Wellness Center

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    The Counseling and Wellness Center has a comprehensive, developmental and diverse program that is designed to meet the needs of all students.  Our department is comprised of mental health staff, that work closely with teachers to provide your child with academic, social and emotional support.  The department includes school counselors, social workers and psychologists, who work collaboratively, in providing a rich, nurturing and safe environment for all students.  Parents who are new to the middle school, may wonder why their child would need to access a school counselor, social worker or psychologist.  These professionals assist students in various areas, such as academic counseling, social or emotional counseling, and to act as an advocate to ensure a student's needs are being met. Additionally, support and education are provided to families through orientations and conferences.  The middle school programs includes transition services, academic advising, high school academic program planning, career and college awareness, character education, social emotional learning curriculum through classroom push-ins, small group and individual counseling and psycho-educational testing.

    School counselors serve as liaisons between you, teachers and administrators.  As student advocates, they work from a developmental approach to foster positive relationships.  Students are assigned to a school counselor based on their last name.  The counselor will travel with the student each year while at the middle school, providing a sense of familiarity, while fostering a trusted rapport with the student and family.   School counselors will see students indivdiually, as well as in classroom push-in sessions.  

    Our school psychologists work with students, staff and parents to help maximize the academic, social and emotional development of students.  Psychologists conduct classroom observations, consult with teachers and parents and facilitate group and individual counseling sessions.  In addition, comprehensive diagnostic evaluations are provided for students who may need additional services. 

    Our school social worker collaborates with all department members, staff and parents to support the students' social, academic and emotional growth. Small groups are facilitated throughout the year focusing on issues such as social skills, decision-making and coping with pressures in constructive ways.  Other services include individual counseling, parent conferences and referrals to outside professionals. 

    We encourage students to make appointments with their school counselor, social worker or psychologist, if needed.  You and your child are encouraged to contact the support staff, if you have any questions or concerns.  We are here to assist you.


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