• Welcome to the Gemini Department


    Weinberg, Craig (7th Grade)

    Kitov, Julia (6th Grade)

    Herricks Middle School

    GEMINI Program


    The GEMINI program at Herricks Middle School is an enriched science program for gifted students.  The program is open to students who participated in the GEMINI program in elementary school.


    GEMINI classes are taken in place of the regular science class.  In 6th grade, the class meets once per day.  In 7th grade, the class meets once per day plus an additional period on alternating days to provide extra laboratory time. 


    The program enriches the middle school science curriculum by providing additional opportunities for:


    advanced science content


    experimental design


    research skills


    oral presentation


    problem solving


    creative projects


    incorporation of reading, writing and mathematics into the study of science


    Students in 6th grade study topics in physical science (chemistry and physics), while students in 7th grade study topics in life science.  Students who are successful in the 7th grade course are recommended for Regents Earth Science in 8th grade.