Sixth Grade

  •  Welcome to the 6th Grade Department

    The 6th grade provides a variety of educational opportunities both inside and outside of the classrooms for students to reach success academically, emotionally and socially.  Students will continue to strengthen their skills and knowledge in core subject areas such as ELA, Science, Social Studies and Math, as well as begin new educational journeys studying a world language.  Community Service Projects, Grade Assemblies, Guidance Programs and stimulating field trip experiences will add to the overall enrichment of the sixth grade curriculum.


    Bruno, Josephine

    Buffolino, Jo

    Cleary, Jenn

    Degliomini, Nidya

    Jahelka, Patti

    Lee, Cecilia

    Leonard, Alysa

    Melecio, Deborah 

    Moshen, Alexandra 

    Powers, Ray

    Sevilla, Alison

    Suk, Jennifer  

    Taliercio, Nina