Department Philosophy


    The faculty of the Department of Music and Performing Arts wishes to make the arts (specifically music and theatre) accessible to all students and give ample opportunities for the study of and participation in these artistic disciplines.  Students are encouraged to develop their skill in an understanding of the arts to the highest level possible through rehearsal and performance, creative activity, scholarly study, and interaction with professional ensembles and artists, with the intent that the students will become lifelong learners in the arts.

    The STAC program offers creatively gifted students a chance to collaborate on arts-centered projects through the avenues of video and theatre.

    The High School Music Program has won several distinctions including: GRAMMY Signature Gold School Award (2001), GRAMMY Signature School Award (2002, 2003) GRAMMY Signature School Finalist (2004, 2005) and NAMM Best Communities for Music Education every year since 2001 including winning the John Lennon Bus experience in 2017. The Herricks Music Program has been recognized by NYSSMA and nationally for muscial excellence. 


    Performing Ensembles: 

    Concert Band, Symphony Band, Wind Ensemble*

    Treble Choir, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir*

    9th Grade Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra*

    *Honors Ensembles


    Jazz Ensembles

    Silver Jazz Band, Blue Jazz Band, Jazz Choir


    Extra Curricular Ensembles

    Womens Choir, Mens Choir


    Honor Societies

    Tri-M Music Honor Society- International Chapter of the Year- 6 times. Most recently in 2018.

    International Thespian Society


    Performing Ensemble Awards and Recognition: 

    Berklee College HS Jazz Festival, Herricks HS Jazz Band -2nd Place (2002), Herricks HS Combo - 1st Place (2002, 2003), 

    NYSSMA Level V or VI Gold with Distinction Awards (consistently)

    ASTA National Orchestra Festival- First Place 2018

    Ensembles have performed at NYSSMA Winter Conference and the School Boards and have competed at the ASTA National Competition where the Chamber Orchestra was awarded first place as well as Music in the Parks where all groups perofrming have received superior ratings every year. Jazz Ensembles have performed at Berklee Jazz FEstival where they have received high honors as well as students being designated top musicians in the festival. All Groups have continuously received Gold With Distinction at NYSSMA Majors.



    Anissa Arnold, Director or Music and Performing Arts