Special Education

  • A student at Herricks High School who has been determined by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) to have a disability is provided with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that takes both the kind and degree of disability into account.  The CSE reevaluates the student's needs each year at the Annual Review.  The IEP describes the learning conditions and services that a student shall need.  There is a spectrum of services available at the high school.  Individual students receive one or a combination of these services. 

    Stephanie Knowles - Chairperson 


    Department Philosophy


    The Special Education Department of Herricks High School seeks to meet the needs of the exceptional student within the context of a diverse community of learners.  The philosophy of the department holds that all students can realize their potential in the least restrictive environment when provided with the appropriate support. 


    Columbia Ciccimarro Melissa McManus
    Michele Daly Sharon Morando
    Theresa Gomes Roseanne Rainis
    Marianne Jensen Douglas Rottkamp
    Kelly Jingeleski Lauren Stritzl
    Diane Laruccia Danielle Tartaglia
    Laura Latham Tinu Thakore
    Stacey McFarland  




    Department Telephone Number: 516.305.8704