Shelter Rock Academy



    “Where Alternative Solutions Make a World of Difference”


    The Shelter Rock Academy is an alternative learning environment offering students a full range of courses in a small, off campus and supportive environment.  Through the establishment of a community-based culture, students are encouraged to focus on their goals, develop their strengths, improve their self-perception and accept responsibility for their actions and choices.  In a partnership between teachers, mental health professionals and administrators, students have the opportunity to improve their academic standing and interpersonal skills.


    The Shelter Rock Academy offers the following courses:


    English I
    English II
    English III
    English IV

    Global Studies I
    Global Studies II
    United States History
    Government and Politics/Economics

    Mathematics 9
    Mathematics 10
    Mathematics 11
    Mathematics 12
    Earth Science
    Living Environment
    Marine Biology
    Studio Art
    Media Arts
    Personal Fitness
    Academic Support
    Independent Studies

    In addition to a full academic program, the Academy offers Men’s Group, Women’s Group and individual counseling opportunities.

    Students interested in learning more about the Shelter Rock Academy should speak to their Guidance Counselors.  Applications and intakes are required and are conducted on an on-going basis.