Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program (UPK)

  • The Herricks Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program (UPK) is a free half-day program for 55 students, entirely funded by a grant from New York State.  Continuation of the program each year is fully dependent on funding from New York State.  No district funds are used to support this program.


    Who is Eligible?

    Students who will reach the age of 4 by December 1 of the year of enrollment in the program, and who are residents of Herricks School District, are eligible to apply.


    Application Process:

    Applications are available, beginning in February, on the district website, at the registrar’s office in the Community Center, and in the main offices of all elementary schools.  Families who have registered children of an eligible age in the Herricks census should also receive notification by mail.  Census registration can be done at the Registrar’s Office in the Community Center (second floor).


    Selection Process:

    Selection for this program, which is limited to 55 students due to limited state funding, is done by a lottery each spring.  Random selection is required by NYS.  Once the first 55 names have been selected, each subsequent name pulled is put on a waiting list, in order of their draw from the lottery.   Parents are notified by mail of the results of the lottery.


    The Program:


    Herricks UPK Program is run by Harbor Child Care, located on the main floor of the Community Center.  Once the names have been selected from the lottery by a committee consisting of the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, a representative from the Business Office and a representative from the Herricks PTA, Harbor Child Care receives the list and begins to schedule students.  Notification of schedule will come directly from Harbor Day, and will be either for mornings or afternoons, according to the openings that they have available.  Transportation is not provided.  Questions concerning the educational philosophy of the program and details of the program itself should be directed to Gina Hargrave, Harbor Child Care, at 248-7048.  The program meets all of the instructional requirements of the NYS UPK Grant.



    Link to The Universal Pre-Kindergarten Application Form