What is the PTA?
    The Parent–Teacher Association is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff to serve all children through increased parental participation, school and community awareness, advocacy and education and to foster and promote communication between the units, the administrators and the Board of Education.

    What does Searingtown PTA do?
    The PTA works with parents and faculty to organize and facilitate events both during and after school hours that serve to enrich our children's educational experiences and build a stronger community. Some of the program’s PTA helps support include: The Brain Show, National Circus Project, The Power of One, Health & Safety Week Apples, Spirit Week Pep Rally Give Away, Author Visit, Day 1 Care Package (T-Shirts, folder & Pencils), Back to School Night & Picnics, Flag Day BBQ Luncheon and many more throughout the year!

    Why should I get involved in Searingtown PTA?

    1. Your child feels a sense of pride to know that his/her parent are members.
    2. You get to meet and work with wonderful people!
    3. You stay updated and informed on what is going on at our school.
    4. You can more effectively suggest change at our school.
    5. Everyone has different strengths and talents. Everyone has something unique to offer our school and our children!

    Can I be a member and work full time?
    Yes! Many of our members hold a full or part time job.

    How can I become a member?
    It’s very simple to be a part of the Searingtown PTA family. Just type https://searingtown.memberhub.store/ and become a member today!

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Naomi Rodolico and Natalie Schneider at sptapresident@gmail.com.


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