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Welcome to 21st Century Technology Education

  •  Living, working and playing in the 21st century requires educators to teach using 21st century skills. Here at Searingtown, technology skills are embedded into the curriculum by a collaboration between teachers, the technology teacher and the library media specialist.

    Students in every grade have access to their own assigned Chromebook. A large part of this 1:1 district initiative was the dedication and development of increased technology instruction that focuses on the ethical, responsible and efficient use of these devices. In addition, students have access to web-based tools that break down the walls of the classroom. These provide a broader audience and endless opportunities to collaborate and learn with the global community. 

    Using hardware and software, we introduce, reinforce and extend the content taught in the classrooms. Learning becomes richer and higher order thinking skills are strengthened. In 2024, the Herricks UFSD will be using the New York State Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards as a major part of their technology instruction. We have been preparing for these standards for the last few years and are passionate about implementing these standards in developmentally appropriate ways. In addition, The National Educational Techology Standards for Students , created by the International Society of Technology Education will continue to be a powerful resource.