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School Bus Rider Conduct

School Bus Safety Information:

Parents and guardians play a vital role in the safe operation of their child’s school bus in many ways. Parents should be aware of and reinforce the following school bus safety information with their children:

    • Explain the importance of safe behavior on the bus – students should not stand while the bus is in motion, eat or drink on the bus and generally should use “inside” voices on the school bus. 
    • Students may not fight, smoke/vape, or throw objects around or out of the school bus.  Students should observe the same behavior on the bus as they would in the classroom in a manner consistent with the Student Code of Character, Conduct and Support.
    • Students should follow the directives of the school bus driver.
    • Students may only board their assigned bus and get on and off at their assigned bus stop. If a student misses their stop, they should inform the driver so the driver can return to their stop.
    • Students should not board the school bus with large items. Large school projects, packages or large instruments should be transported to school by parents.
    • Objects should be secured safely in a backpack so students do not drop any items while loading or unloading from the school bus.
    • The school bus driver is authorized to assign seats. 

Riding the school bus is a privilege. There are consequences for unsafe and inappropriate behavior on the bus. Everyone is entitled to a safe and peaceful ride on the school bus.