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How Transportation Works

Transportation will automatically be arranged each year for all eligible students who attend Herricks Public Schools (Center St. Elementary, Denton Ave Elementary, Searingtown Elementary, Herricks middle school and Herricks high school).

Eligibility for transportation is based on mileage. The distance is measured from the legal residence of a child to their school of attendance. Students are eligible for transportation if they meet the following mileage requirements:

Grades K-5: greater than 3/4 of a mile

Grades 6-12: greater than 1 1/2 miles

Transportation for students who are new to the district will be established once the student is registered. It takes 3-5 school days for transportation assignments to be finalized. Once busing is assigned, parents will be notified via email and asked to download the transportation parent app on their mobile device. The parent app, Traversa's My Ride K -12 app, has recently replaced the Ride360 app. Instructions on the Traversa My Ride K-12 app installation can be found here: My Ride K-12 App Guide

The My Ride K -12 application works very similar to the Ride360 app. Parents can view their child's bus schedule including bus stop location, stop times and bus numbers. If you've already signed up for and are using the Ride360 app, you will only need to download and log into My Ride K -12. Your student's information will already be visible on My Ride K - 12 if they were linked to Ride360. 

If you've never registered for an account on the application, please visit the site to create an account:

School bus routes will be reviewed and established annually. Busing information for students will be available towards the end of August each year. Information for the 23/24 school year will be shared in a letter sent via email to all eligible families. The letter will contain instructions to download the Traversa My Ride K -12 app in order to view your child's bus information.

Please note, school bus routes are always subject to change, depending on ridership and driver coverage. We will always give 24-hour notice for time changes greater than 10 minutes. Additionally, the bus stop times listed in the app are approximate, and the real time will always be the time that the bus is consistently arriving. We work hard to make those adjustments on paper for families within the first 2–3 weeks of school.