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At the Bus Stop

Students are encouraged to be at the morning bus stop 5 minutes early, especially in the first few weeks of school while everyone is settling into a new routine. Unexpected events happen on the road and the bus may run a few minutes earlier or later. The bus driver is not authorized to sound the horn in order to alert parents and students of their arrival.

Students should stand away from the road in an orderly manner and only move to board the bus once the bus has stopped completely and has red lights and stop signs displayed to stop traffic.

If students must cross the street to get on or off the bus, they must follow the driver's safe crossing instructions. Students should look both ways before exiting the bus at the last step. They should walk far enough out in front of the bus so they can see the driver (10 feet). They must wait until the driver tells them it is safe to cross by displaying the universal crossing signal. It is important to follow the bus driver's directions when crossing. Parents or guardians at the bus stop must also cross the street following the bus driver's signal and the safe crossing procedures. 

Bus stops are generally established at pickup points to pick up multiple students, usually at intersecting streets. Curb to curb bus service will not be provided unless approved by the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Committee on Special Education.

Students in Grades K-1 must have an adult with them at the bus stop. Parents and guardians should tell us the names of the adults who will be at the stop and who can take their child off the bus in the afternoon. This person must be over 16 with valid identification. Students in Grades 2-5 can get off the bus by themselves with parent permission. Use the PM Bus Stop Information Form to let us know this information.

Please do not ask the school bus driver to make any changes to your child's stop as bus staff are not authorized to make changes to bus routes and scheduled bus stops. All inquires regarding possible stop changes must be made through the Herricks Transportation Department.