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Dear Herricks School District Community,

Happy Thursday! I hope this email finds you all doing well and that everyone is having a wonderful day as we head towards the final week of the school year (there are four more days after today). I am excited to share this latest update because the last couple of weeks have been wonderful and have featured some momentous occasions. For example, last week our youngest learners, who are part of our UPK program at the Community Center, had their Moving Up Ceremonies, and they are so excited to begin kindergarten in the fall. Our elementary schools have also begun the many celebrations associated with our fifth graders, including the Moving Up ceremonies for each school that took place over the course of this week. Additionally, our 8th Graders had their Moving Up at Tilles Center earlier this week, and it was a beautiful event that celebrated student voice, creativity, and compassion. I cannot wait to see all that this group of students contributes and accomplishes when they arrive at Herricks High School in the fall. Of course, as many of you know, classes for our high school students wrapped up last week and our students have been engaged in a number of end of year assessments, including NYS Regents exams and finals. I am so proud of our students and all of their focus, hard work, and commitment to learning!

In addition to these special events, I have had the opportunity to spend time in classrooms learning and engaging with our students. I recently had a chance to facilitate a read aloud in a first grade classroom, and I was so impressed with their reflections and inferences as they considered the experiences of the main character who was struggling with her own self-confidence. I had the opportunity to attend our Grade 3 band and orchestra concerts, and I was in awe of their various performances and their growth over the course of the year. I was also invited to participate in a Carnival with some of our elementary learners where the students had the chance to practice various skills while also having fun with the different carnival games.  Overall it has been a terrific couple of weeks, and I am so excited to share our latest update with you.

Herricks Herald

I am excited to share our latest edition of the Herricks Herald with you. Please check out the June edition of the Herricks Herald, where we highlight some of the important things that have unfolded in each of our schools over the last several weeks. This is the final edition of the Herricks Herald for the 2023 - 2024 school year. In this month’s Herald, readers will learn more about the newly launched Zen Den at Searingtown, they will read about the recent author visit at our middle school, and will be introduced to one of our students from Herricks High School in the Student Spotlight section! We are so honored to give our community a glimpse into our schools and classrooms. 

ParentSquare Launch

As I mentioned in my previous update, we are pleased to announce that our district is transitioning to ParentSquare for school communications. The move to ParentSquare will streamline communication and eliminate the need for multiple applications. Tomorrow, information will be shared with families on activating accounts, verifying information and different features available to simplify communication with the district. Please be on the lookout for this information.

Other Important Updates

  • FLYERS: As you know, community information can be found under the FLYERS tab on the homepage of the district website. For example, you can learn more about the PAL Football league and various summer opportunities by clicking here where you can see the latest community updates!

  • VIDEO UPDATES: If you have missed any of our Herricks’ Happenings Video Updates, you can click here to find all the videos.

  • BOARD NOTES: You can check out the Board Notes for all of our Board of Education Meetings by clicking here.


    • The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Monday, July 8, 2024 at the Community Center with a 9:30am start time. Please note that this is our first Board of Education meeting of the 2024 - 2025 school year.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review all of this information. Please email me with any questions. Also, be on the lookout for our final Herricks’ Happenings Video Update next week as we close out the school year with a montage that will serve as a highlight reel of this incredible school year.

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 


Dr. Tony Sinanis
Superintendent of Schools
Herricks School District

Community Updates 2023-2024