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Pupil Personnel Services

Herricks Pupil Personnel Services Department adheres to the philosophy that each individual with a disability is entitled to the support necessary to maximize his/her potential. The Herricks Pupil Personnel Service department supports and oversees the following:

  • CPSE/CSE Program and Services
  • 504 Committee
  • School Nurses

We believe that every student is a valued member of our school community and are entitled to receive their education in the least restrictive environment. Our goal is to enable each student to utilize their personal strengths to become well-adjusted contributing members of society.  Parents are our partners in education and together we can teach our students how to advocate for themselves. By fostering independence in our students we prepare them for success in college and/or career. 

In accordance with federal and state regulations, the Herricks School District provides appropriate special education services to students with educational disabilities. Any parent/guardian who suspects their school aged child may have an educational disability may make a written referral to their school’s principal or to the Director of Special Education. If your child is of preschool age, please contact the CPSE Chairperson at 516-305-8904.

Click here for the district special Education plan


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Contact Information

Dr. Thomas Sposato
Director of Pupil Personnel Services
516 305-8904
Email Dr. Sposato

Eleni Chronas
Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services
516 305-8904
Email Ms. Chronas

Dr. Stephanie Knowles
High School 
Special Education Chairperson
516 305-8704
Email Dr. Knowles

Dr. Robyn Tsiokos
Middle School 
Special Education Chairperson
516 305-8604
Email Dr. Tsiokos

Danielle Macpherson
CPSE Chairperson
516 305-8904
Email Ms. Macpherson