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Mission & Vision


Through the integration of technology into the business, teaching/learning environment, students and staff will continue to develop as collaborators, critical creative thinkers, informed digital citizens and effective communicators in order to succeed in an ever changing technology based world. 

Curriculum drives the Technology

Herricks Goals for Future Ready: 21st Century Skills

  • Increase student engagement in and out of classroom
  • Digital equity in access, device and platform for students across the district
  • Shift curriculum, instructions and assessment practices towards meaningful and relevant learning experiences
  • Increase student achievement through a variety of authentic measures
  • Increase communication between students, teachers, parents, experts in their field and the community
  • Foster 21st century skills to prepare our students for their futures in a globally connected world
  • Increase opportunities for individualized and personalized learning for every student


At Herricks Public Schools, technology will be integrated  as “best practice” into the educational environment. Students and staff will continue to learn and utilize emerging technologies to support district and academic needs, to enhance content standards, achieve technological proficiency and inspire lifelong inquiry.  

Our classrooms will be labs of inquiry, providing instant access to information resources at the building, district, county, state, national and global levels.  This access will accelerate learning, assessment, thinking and problem solving in all curriculum areas.

As the means of accessing and transmitting information continue to change and require additional skills, our students, parents, teachers and administrators will be provided with appropriate support.  The training and time to integrate technology into the teaching/learning environment will allow users to become lifelong learners in an information-rich world. Students utilizing 21st skills will be able to have far reaching partnerships with local businesses, colleges and universities to master information, embed knowledge and understanding of advanced technology in society.

With teachers serving as coaches and facilitators, students will devote more time to higher-level thinking and problem solving in all curriculum areas.  Our teachers will continue to accommodate the needs, interests and different learning styles of individual students while fostering student centered work through collaboration across digital platforms.